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If you are in need of either single-plan or commercial sized eviction packages, tailored to meet your budget and protect your financial bottom line, please call McAvoy Law Offices. Don't leave your court chances to luck- contact our Waukesha Eviction Attorney today! 

McAvoy Law Offices has been handling both residential and commercial evictions in Southeast Wisconsin since we were founded, and our Waukesha-based attorneys have either personally appeared or aided in Landlord/Tenant cases in Waukesha County, Milwaukee County, Racine County, Kenosha County, and Washington County. We have also been consulted regarding cases stretching out to the more northern and central parts of the state, in addition to our regular business area of greater Southeastern Wisconsin. If you are a landlord either looking for a full-service lawyer, looking to have court documents drafted, or simply wishing to have a consult session, McAvoy Law Offices can help you make your Waukesha Eviction (or whatever other county your rental calls home) as smooth a process as possible.

*Eviction packages fees do not include court costs and server fees, and may also include hourly fee for attorney drivetime out of typical service area.

**Flat Fees are for uncontested evictions. Once case is contested, fees are assessed at attorney hourly rate, unless your specific fee schedule indicates otherwise- please call for details.

McAvoy Law Offices Offers both single-plan and commercial sized eviction packages, tailored to meet your budget and protect your financial bottom line.

It happens. While there are many benefits to being a Landlord in Wisconsin, there also are the cases where you have what McAvoy Law Offices has dubbed "the Problem Tenant." Whether it be nonpayment of rent, lease violations, Section 8 housing, or simply a termination of tenancy, emotions on both sides run high and can make an otherwise routine problem fraught with legal liabilities. In these situations, you will need the expertise of a trusted Waukesha Eviction Attorney on your side, as even the most simple of eviction actions can become delayed and strung out as a result of a simple-yet-overlooked procedural error. Likewise, if you are working in a different county, you will need a Milwaukee Eviction Lawyer, Racine Eviction Lawyer, or Kenosha Eviction Attorney well versed in both that specific court's procedure as well as the ever-changing Landlord Tenant laws in Wisconsin. 

Eviction Lawyer in Waukesha, Milwaukee, and other Counties in Southeast Wisconsin.

Limited Scope Flat Fee Eviction Attorney Services

For those who don't need a Waukesha attorney for all steps in the Eviction process, we offer unbundled legal services such as the drafting of notices, complaints, and document review of your drafted documents. We also offer discounts on repeat clients using our unbundled services as well, please call for details!

Eviction Attorney Services

Full-Service Flat Fee Eviction Attorney Services

McAvoy Law Offices, Waukesha Lawyer

When going through a Wisconsin Eviction process, many Landlords will attempt to forego hiring an attorney to "save expenses" in the eviction process. However, this oftentimes can lead to mistakes in the process, service of notice, and mistakes in the drafting of the actual complaint. These mistakes can lead to costly delays, which means a landlord will lose out on time, lost rent fees, and perhaps extra damages that can be awarded if the case is pled correctly. An experienced Wisconsin Eviction Lawyer such as McAvoy Law Offices can assure you that your case will be filed correctly, prosecuted diligently, and above all else handled directly by an attorney (we do not outsource your services to anyone other than in-house counsel). Our Waukesha-based eviction attorneys offer the following services included in our Flat Fee Packages*

Some of the more standard steps in an eviction action include:

1) Drafting of 5-day, 14-day, 28-day or 30-day notice to comply with Wisconsin Statutes

2) Drafting and Filing of the Eviction Complaint through your County Court's Electronic Filing System (no trip to the court clerk for filing anymore!)

3) Drafting of the Declaration of Non-Military Service

4) Communicating directly with a Process Server to get you a discounted rate and ensure service is timely.

5) Representation at the return date, placing on the record the factual and legal foundations for an eviction and arguing before the Judge

6) Retrieving the writ of restitution, instructions on how to execute.

7) Analysis on how to carry out the writ/eviction, whether personal property is abandoned by the tenant, what property needs to be held, etc.

8) Drafting and Filing Damages letter with the court, any return appearance if your County requests it.

9)Sending of the Security Deposit Return Letter, making sure all deductions are legal under Wisconsin law.