McAvoy Law Offices, Waukesha Lawyer
McAvoy Law Offices, Waukesha Lawyer

Business Incorporation and Outside General Counsel Services

When starting your own business and choosing to incorporate, the last things a person or organization wants to deal with are stress and time-consuming legal hurdles.  However, turning to online templates or using online incorporation/document services may cause serious legal complications, which might cost your business more time and money down the road.  If you need help getting your business started, McAvoy & Murphy will handle your business formation for a reasonable flat fee and thus give you peace of mind when setting your business budget.

The Incorporation Startup Package includes the following services:
                                              *Reserve a corporate name
                                              *Incorporate business by drafting and filing Articles of Incorporation
                                              *Drafting necessary bylaws or operating agreement to provide company governance structure
                                              *Preparing all corporate consents and resolutions by shareholders and/or board

                                              *Providing memo explaining agenda of first board meeting, including a minute book template
                                              *Preparing and filing Form SS-4 to obtain Federal EIN
                                              *Drafting Indemnification Agreement for officers and directors
                                              *Preparing Stock Certificates for Founders, along with Stock Option/Issuance Plan
                                              *Drafting and executing all necessary shareholder agreements
                                              *Non-Disclosure Agreement
                                              *At-Will Employee Offer Letter (Contract) and Independent Contractor Agreement

Outside General Counsel Package:

For more established companies looking to hire outside general counsel services, our firm will handle the daily legal aspects of new and/or small-to-medium size companies. Our flexible and predictable flat-fee packages allows you to stay focused on what matters—growing your business.  With affordable costs and top-notch service, McAvoy & Murphy Law Firm will increase your efficiency and improve your bottom line.  Call today for more information on our incorporation and general counsel packages!