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McAvoy Law Offices, Waukesha Lawyer

Nonprofit Startup Services

Establishing a not-for-profit requires more than simply filing a few forms, which can become both frustrating and time consuming by themselves.  There are many legal questions concerning the startup process.  Let McAvoy & Murphy Law Firm take the burden of dealing with the IRS off your shoulders so you can concentrate on your company’s mission and purpose.  McAvoy & Murphy Law Firm offers a one-time flat fee for a complete nonprofit startup package (this fee does not include filing fees). 

The following services are available as part of our Nonprofit Complete Startup Package:

                                * Feasibility assessment of tax exempt purpose(s)

                                * Preparing and filing Articles of Incorporation

                                * Preparing Bylaws

                                * Preparing conflict of interest policy

                                * Preparing organizational consents

                                * Drafting Reimbursement Policy

                                * Consultation (upon request) with initial board/directors with regards to fiduciary duties

                                * Preparation of IRS Form SS-4 and obtainment of Federal EIN

                                * Preparation and filing of IRS Form 1023 or 1024

                                * Responding to IRS questions concerning company’s tax exempt request

                                * Assistance with Charitable Solicitation Application or Exemption

                                * Explanation memo regarding initial board meeting and Year-to-Year Filing Requirements (Form 990

The Complete Package includes all the legal steps required to create the nonprofit and acquire tax exempt status.  Documents will only be filed with the IRS after you have a chance to review and approve of their contents.  If your nonprofit qualifies for the new 1023-EZ, the flat fee would typically be reduced depending on the complexity of the corporate structure.